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While the three peoples of Auresia joined together for a common cause, that did not mean that all Auresia were automatically equal. Each earns his way in life and society, and makes a name for himself.

There are numerous tiers to Auresian society. Each one reflects a mixture of factors, including birth, proven intellect and post in the working world. The structure is separated between one's social standing and, if applicable, one's political standing.

The hierarchy is loosely broken down as follows -

Government Hierarchy

  • Imperius Pinnaculus
    • The Dynast Sovereign
  • Imperius Altissimus
    • Lords Paramount
  • Imperius Militans
    • Lords & Ladies of the Empire
    • Senior military officers
    • Provincial leadership.
  • Imperius Civilis
    • Prefectural leadership.
    • Bureaucrats
    • Junior officers

Social Structure

  • Patricio Imperialis
    • Highest class Auresians, the wealthiest of Imperial society. Split two ways -
      • Dynasts - descendant families of Second Imperium Founders.
      • Patricians - Non-Dynast families, commonly raised for great past services.
      • Sons must serve a ten-year service term minimum.
  • Patricio Equestrans
    • Equestrians - Upper class Auresians.
    • Sons must serve a ten-year service term minimum. Females service is optional.
  • Socio Civis
    • Citizens - Veterans - Required to become a merchant, scholar, scientist & engineer, join a guild or trade company, etc.
    • This status is awarded to all plebeians who complete a ten-year military service term.
    • Minimum required for attainment of Class Three or Class Two employment.
    • This distinction is also mandatory for any man or woman who seeks to serve within the Imperial Curia.
  • Socio Plebeius
    • Plebeians.
    • Commoners of the Empire. No restrictions on capacity to find Class Four employment.
    • A five-year military service term is mandatory; two five-year terms grant the distinction of socio civis.
  • Socio Communis
    • Paupers
    • A five-year military service term is not mandatory. However, completion of it grants a communis the status socio plebeius. Ten years grants socio civis.
    • No restriction on Class Four employment.
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