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Symbol of ARSS.

The Strategic Research & Development Administration - in Auresian Amministrazione Ricerca e Sviluppo Strategica - is the independent branch of the Imperial Curia of the Auresian Empire that serves as the central think tank of the nation, managing all State-funded and overseen R&D work.

ARSS maintains its primary facility of operations at Mount Olivia Research & Development Centre, though there are three other research complexes throughout the Empire that they maintain and work from, as well as several smaller, specialized facilities dedicated to specific fields of research. The agency is representative of the competitive and driven nature of the Empire's highly advanced scientific community.

The organization is headquartered in Cedelphia, at the ARSS Annex. Its Auresian acronym is ARSS.




ARSS was originally established from the unification of three previous organizations, all answering to the State, which were responsible for the study and development of the sciences. These three agencies were brought together in 7500 by order of Dynast Emperor Willem II. The administration's headquarters has a statue of Frederico Aquilius, who had served as master engineer to Dynast Father Cephorus Maximus, in its main lobby.

Well-funded and heavily-secured, ARSS has been the brainchild behind numerous scientific endeavors over the years. It is a highly competitive state service and those young specialists seeking to build a successful career in science and engineering after leaving military service can aim their sights at postings in ARSS. Few, however, earn such postings until later in their work histories, and the certifications for service are high.


ARSS is a well-established and organized institution. The standards it sets for the level of education and competence of its employees are such that only roughly 10% of all scientists and engineers in the Empire ever qualify for employment with the agency. But those who do earn the honor work in the service of some of the most advanced and well-equipped laboratories and workshops in all of Gotha. Also because of its high standards, it has over the years influenced the Empire's scientific community into maintaining its status as one of the most advanced in the world.


ARSS has built a worldwide reputation for being one of the most successful, competitive and highly driven agencies of its kind. It does not make pretense of "competing" with the similar organizations of other nations, nor does it concern itself with the opinions of foreign states towards its endeavors.


Select Committee

Also known commonly as the Think Tank, the Select Committee is the collective gathering of the senior and skilled scientists in the ARSS network. They guide and oversee the various projects the agency is engaged in, and they have dedicated laboratories, workshops, and personnel of their own as part of their placement as ARSS leadership.

The Committee consists of eight members - nine counting the Chairman - with two coming from each of the central departments. Those who comprise the membership of the Select Committee have the rank of Chief Research Director, which is a title unique to the gathering's membership.

Four Departments

All work undertaken by ARSS falls into one of four general categories, each of which is represented by one of the four main departments that the organization is separated into - Advanced Systems, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Medical Sciences.

Research Directors

A rare few fortunate ARSS members earn the opportunity, both through service and through performance, are chosen by the Directorate to form their own Research Directorate within the organization, which will be named after them. Examples include the Acilida Research Directorate, the Prodi Research Directorate, and the Mattarelli Research Directorate. They can have several projects of their own going and also supervise other projects that fall within the teams of personnel - commonly three or four project managers and a pool of 200 associates - they are granted with their directorate.

Research Directors are granted a Yellow security clearance that is limited based upon the necessities of their research clearances and the annual review of the Home Office.

Project Managers

Each individual project ARSS undertakes is assigned a project manager who is skilled in the field(s) involved for the purposes of overseeing the associates that develop that line of inquiry and research. They can be responsible for up to 50 people each and are both responsible for the associates and their work and for being involved and active in the development of the work at hand. Project managers receive Yellow level clearance for their project only.


Associates make up the bulk of ARSS personnel, and are its entry-level tier of membership. While most never make it beyond this rank, simply working within the labs and workshops of ARSS is a major feather in the cap of any Auresian scientist who wishes to have an impact on the scientific community.


  • ARSS Annex

Headquarters, located in Cedelphia.

  • ARSS North

Located at the Marconi Research & Development Centre, in Mancioni.

  • ARSS South

Located at Mount Olivia Research & Development Centre, a part of the Mount Olivia Military Complex.

  • ARSS East

Located at the Exemplar Auden Research & Development Centre, in Gaaze.

  • ARSS West

Located at the Amodeo Research & Development Centre, in Petra.

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