Structure of the Government of Auresia

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The following list outlines the structure of the government of the Auresian Empire.



Privy Council Office

  • Office of the Chief Clerk of the Privy Council

Executive Branch

First Minister's Office

  • Office of the First Minister
    • Office of the Minister of State
  • Bureau of the Civil Service
    • Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Council of Ministers
  • Bureau of Legislative Affairs
  • Bureau of Internal Affairs
  • Bureau of Correspondence

Council of Ministers

  • Foreign Office - Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • Department of Diplomatic Security
    • Department of Information & Research
    • Department of Protocol
    • Colonial Service
    • Consular Service
    • Diplomatic Service
    • National Communications Service
    • Secret Intelligence Service
  • War Office - Minister of War
    • Imperial Auresian Armed Forces
      • Imperial Auresian Air Force
      • Imperial Auresian Army
      • Imperial Auresian Navy
    • Department of Special Operations
    • Department of Sustainment
  • Home Office - Minister of Home Affairs
    • Department of Corrections
    • Department of Criminal Investigations
    • Department of Identity & Passports
    • Department of Mental Hygiene
    • Department of Probation
    • Imperial Auresian Coast Guard
  • Ministry of Justice - Minister of Justice & Attorney General
    • Civil Affairs Division
    • Criminal Division
    • Judicial Affairs Division
    • Commerce & Taxation Division
    • Crown Prosecutions Service
  • Ministry of Finance - Minister of Finance & First Lord of the Treasury
    • Department of the Budget
    • Department of Engraving & Printing
    • Department of Inland Revenue
    • Imperial Mint
    • Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Ministry of Commerce - Minister of Commerce
    • Competition & Markets Authority
    • Department of Consumer Affairs
    • Department of Industry & Security
    • Department of Patents & Trademarks
    • Department of Price Administration
  • Ministry of Health & Welfare - Minister of Health & Welfare
    • Department of Foodstuffs & Consumables - Ufficio di Prodotti Alimentari e di Consumo
    • Department of Labour Mediation
    • Department of Occupational Standards
    • Department of Social Security
    • Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Ministry of Transport - Minister of Transport
    • Department of Aviation
    • Department of Motorways & Railways
    • Department of Ports & Harbours
    • Department of Transit Safety
    • Railroad Retirement Board
  • Ministry of Works & Infrastructure - Minister of Works & Infrastructure
    • Department of Agriculture & Forestry
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Land & Survey
    • Department of Mining
    • Department of Reclamation

State Administrations

Crown Corporations

  • Auresian Broadcasting Corporation - Società di Trasmissione Auresiano (STA)
  • Export-Import Bank of Auresia - Banca di Importazione di Esportazione di Auresia (BIEA)
  • Imperial Oil & Gas
  • Savings & Investment Auresia - Risparmio e Investimenti Auresia (RIA)

Legislative Branch

  • Imperial Parliament
    • House of Lords
      • Office of the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords
      • Office of the Chief Clerk of the House of Lords
      • Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Lords
    • House of Delegates
      • Office of the Speaker of the House of Delegates
      • Office of the Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates
      • Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Delegates

Judicial Branch

  • Supreme Court
    • Library of the Supreme Court
    • Office of the Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court
    • Office of the Solicitor General
    Curia Imperiale   
The Crown The Dynast Sovereign, Privy Council, Privy Secretariat, List of Dynast Sovereigns
Executive First Minister’s Office (Bureau of the Civil Service, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Bureau of Internal Affairs, Bureau of Correspondence)
Legislature Imperial Parliament ( House of Lords, House of Delegates)
Judiciary Supreme Court
Ministries Foreign Office, War Office, Home Office, Finance, Commerce, Health & Welfare, Transport, Works & Infrastructure
State Administrations General Post Administration, Imperial Archives & Records Administration, Imperial Customs & Excise Administration, Imperial Public Health Administration, Imperial Statistical Administration, Strategic Research & Development Administration
Crown Corporations Auresian Broadcasting Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Auresia, Imperial Oil & Gas, Savings & Investment Auresia, Transport Auresia
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