The Scarlet Standard

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Scarlet Standard

The Scarlet Standard is the official name for the flag of the Auresian Empire. It was designed by the first Dynast Emperor, Cephorus I, when he officially was named emperor and created the Golden Lion Throne.

The red stands for the blood and proud traditions of the Empire, the gold stands for the wealth of its people and lands, and the lion represents the fierce spirit, pride and energy of the Auresian people.

If a Scarlet Standard touches ground, it is to be immediately withdrawn and burned. When it becomes worn, frayed, faded or torn it is to likewise be burned. Under absolutely no circumstances is the Scarlet Standard to be dipped in recognition of the presence of any foreign power or person. It only dips in acknowledgment and deference to the Dynast Emperor. Also, within Auresian territory, no other flag is permitted to fly higher than the Scarlet Standard.

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