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Varnius Acilida, Count Pillino
Varnius Acilida, Count Pillino
In his workshop.
Born 20 April 7537
Calipsa Palace, Duchy of Calipsa, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official, Scientist

In office
18 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by A. D. Quaspus (19 February 7551 - 10 April 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Varnius Acilida, Count Pillino - Professor Varnius Ruccio Lord Acilida Eng.M. Sci.M. LP GES OMC SS TC is a Lord Paramount of the Council. As such, he is a senior adviser of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV. He is also the noble Count of Pillino.

He is formally the Master Engineer of the Empire and the Lord Paramount who oversees ARSS.

He is affectionately known by his colleagues as the "Emperor's mad boy". He is also known within ARSS as the "Oracle of Mount Olivia".



"Alessandro, do you remember the time you forgot to carry the '2' and nearly blew up Z-3? Hm...or was that me? Ah, no matter. The containment system worked then, and it'll work this time, too, if we need it! Now, where did I put that flask of nitroglycerin?"

"Ah, here he goes again...where did I put my goggles...?"

The youngest of four children, the other three of which are all girls, Varnius Acilida would grow up in the affectionate care of his parents and his sisters, all of whom were quite fond of him and enjoyed their travels and games together, all while being both curious and puzzled by the increasingly complex scientific topics he loved talking about as he got older. Since his childhood, Varnius has been a ravenous reader and writer. Alongside his regular studies, his parents indulged his enjoyment for drawing and painting as he reached his pre-teen years. He designed all manner of "flying machines" and other devices. In current days, he'd admit working in the fields of science and engineering were his "natural dream".

Upon reaching the age of five, Varnius entered the Veneratio Scientia where he would take up the training of a young aristocrat. For the next ten years, he would study elocution, music, deportment, jurisprudence, literature, equitation, poetry, history, geography, constitutional law, theology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and philosophy, among other courses. The future master engineer received his regular education from the private tutors of the prestigious and private Veneratio Scientia in Cedelphia from 7544 to 7554. He received "A" levels in his final examinations and graduated with a top grade point. He earned a coveted Scarlet Letter for his efforts in mechanical engineering, fluidic engineering and physics.

After departure from the Veneratio, he attended Canevaro College at the University of Gaaze until late 7555. His studies focused on engineering in several fields. He graduated in August 7554. At this same time, he took his final form of training in Via Vesica and also took up the bow and arrow as a hobby. During his last years in general education, he learned dagger throwing. In late 7555, Varnius joined the Military. He would continue his advanced education during his first three years of military service concurrent with his being advanced to officer rank. Also during this time, he took advanced marksmanship courses, leadership and tactics courses, as well as further training in survival, advanced hand-to-hand combat, and other officer-mandatory subjects.

In the Imperial Armed Forces, Varnius was a marksman and also worked with the Siege Engineers. His knowledge of chemistry and engineering were used to good effect in several missions during the course of the Returner War. His experience with explosives and knowledge of the background for such would lead him in 7563 to develop a new incendiary compound. This he would patent in 7564 and the Curia would pick up as a compound to replace older, similar materials for use in military ordnance.

During the course of the war, Acilida supported combat operations during several major engagements. He was promoted several times, eventually being made colonel of the siege engineering cohort attached to field operations during the war. Present at the Battle of Bone Pass, he was badly injured by several shrapnel sprays from explosive blasts. Although he never employed the skill in combat, Acilida is also a certified sniper and range marksman. His skill as a sniper is not widely known of.

In the four years before he became Lord Paramount, Lord Acilida was pursuing additional qualifications in the engineering sciences, returning to Canevaro College at Gaaze, and also working on an improved optics for use in gun sights and surveying equipment. Admitting that he was a scientist beyond simply "gears and grease", he also was interested in the chemical sciences and studied both biological science and chemistry. Since shortly before the beginning of the Returner War, his father had served as an administrator in Numidia, and he used his father's position as a means to gain the opportunity to participate in a variety of scientific inquiries, ranging from assisting in a full autopsy to helping build a turbine bound for installation in a hydroelectric power station.

The all-consuming love for science and learning that his friend Varnius had demonstrated since boyhood encouraged Cephorus IV to choose him to be his master engineer. He has thrown himself into the post with a "ravenous enthusiasm" and enjoyed doing so. His stated objective is to further Auresian science and knowledge and to harness it for the benefit of the Empire and its people.

As the prime voice to ARSS, Lord - he will answer to Professor without issue, regardless of the person's rank - Acilida has gained the respect of his peers in ARSS Central and proven his consuming brilliance and the drive with which he tackles the scientific inquiries he focuses himself on. While he has extensive knowledge of engineering and chemistry, he has demonstrated, on numerous occasions, a considerable knowledge of the following disciplines - chemistry, chemical engineering, fluid engineering, mechanical engineering, inheritance sciences, weapons engineering, ballistics, biology, anatomy, surgery, botany, physics, experimental physics, pharmacology, compounding, aeronautics, architecture, automatism, mathematics, cryptography, and cartography.

Private Life

Since he was 19, Varnius has been married to Valda Ostorius, who is a trained surgical nurse. She works at Mount Olivia with her husband quite often, and the two have several joint projects underway. They have two sons, Magnus and Burcinius, and a daughter named Vera. Lord Acilida is well-known for being a dedicated family man. Many believe he is grooming his children to eventually become scientists themselves. He has been personally involved in several major R&D initiatives, including the military initiative Project ALSOS and the ARSS efforts on Project VARANO. He is also said to be heavily involved in an inheritance sciences research initiative known only as Project I71A.


Lord Acilida is widely known for being a voracious and dedicated scientist. Some say his intense nature in the laboratory can be as much dangerous as it is beneficial, as he can sometimes be notoriously absent minded and forgetful. There have even been some who have wondered - quietly, of course - if he is perhaps borderline insane. The Emperor refuses to hear any such talk, however, and counters that not everyone knows Acilida as well as he and the master engineer's other friends do. Many more people tend to insist, believing rather firmly, that Lord Acilida is merely pretending when he acts as though he were mentally unstable.

A fully certified engineer, chemist and pathologist, Lord Acilida focuses a large portion of his efforts in those fields but is acknowledged to be very capable in numerous others. While any project he undertakes is given his full attention, he can have several different projects underway at once and is often easily lost in his work when given the opportunity to immerse himself. Anyone who works around him long enough develops a sense for his quirky, sometimes forgetful manner and his quiet but intense personality.

Awards & Decorations


  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Phalera I (2x)
  • Phalera II (3x)
  • Phalera III (1)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Master Sniper Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge



  • He stands 6'2" tall.
  • His nickname is "Vio".
  • His blood type is O+.
  • He is a member of the Janessari elite known as the Death Watch.
  • He is ambidextrous.
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