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The War Office of Auresia - Ufficio de Guerra - is the branch of the Imperial Curia of Auresia responsible for administering and coordinating the affairs of the Imperial Armed Forces.


At its pinnacle, the ministry is led by an officer known as the Minister of War, referred to properly as "His Majesty's Minister of State for the War Ministry". This official serves as the chief civilian military administrator of the Empire. The current minister is Processus Lord Cavazerre, the Marquess of Barcelina.

The Ministry employs approximately 1,716 people as 1.1.7579.


The War Office consists of the following subordinate agencies -

  • Department of the Air Force

This branch, led by the Assistant Minister of War for the Air Force, coordinates and oversees all air operations. It is the civilian equivalent of the Air Board.

  • Department of the Army

This branch, led by the Assistant Minister of War for the Army, coordinates and oversees ground forces operations. It is the civilian equivalent of the Army Board.

  • Department of the Navy

This branch, led by Assistant Minister of War for the Navy, coordinates and oversees naval operations. It is the civilian equivalent of the Admiralty Board.

  • Department of Special Operations

Overseeing the special forces and led by the Assistant Minister of War for Special Operations, this branch of the War Office is the central command and coordination service for the highly elite Senex Commandos and Strategic Aeronautic Service. Its operations are highly confidential and maintained under the strictest security provisions.

  • Department of Sustainment

Essentially the support branch of the Armed Forces, this agency manages all of the relevant services which provide for a broad range of needs among the ranks of the military. This includes adjutants, chaplains, ordnance and munitions management, general supply management, medical services, and transportation services. This branch is overseen by the Assistant Minister of War for Sustainment.

  • Department of Special Projects

Responsible for secure, defence-related research and development initiatives, as well as highly sensitive national defence facilities, systems and infrastructure. It is overseen by the Assistant Minister of War for Special Projects. One example of a facility under the department's aegis is the purported Metro-2 secure transit system.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

Responsible for the services which support veterans who have served the Empire, the department oversees the network which coordinates medical, dental, optical, and necessary home services. It also covers in full the medical bills of veterans who are permanently disabled and those whose service injuries have limited their ability to find work or to care for their families as a result, and provides a monthly stipend for the widows of veterans who died in combat and left behind families. It is directed by the Assistant Minister of War for Veterans Affairs.

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