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The War Research Service, also known as Imperial War Laboratories - is the arm of the Imperial Armed Forces responsible for all military scientific research and development. Its primary facilities are housed at Mount Olivia Research & Development Centre in south-central Auresia.

The WRS also coordinates the research initiatives of the Chemical Warfare Service and the Siege Engineering Service.

The WRS is one of several high-profile agencies of the Imperium whose leadership posts are granted to members who show considerable promise and potential. The director of the WRS gives regular reports to the Chief of the General Staff and also to the Privy Council and Council of Ministers.


The WRS was developed midway into the first decade of the Pan-Anarian War by order of the Dynast Emperor in response to increasing reports of unusual and highly advanced technology employed by the Hellish and their allies. The WRS was created to focus entirely on the collection and study of Hellish technology and to also work on new technologies for Auresia's military. The WRS focuses on weaponry, ordnance, delivery systems, vehicles, defensive developments, and also focuses on chemical weaponry and specialized weaponry and tactical technologies. The WRS maintains its primary facility at Mount Olivia, which is operated by ARSS. The WRS maintains a strong relationship with ARSS and the two collaborate extensively on a wide array of projects.

The entire WRS operates under Security Three.


  • Division I - Weaponry
  • Division II - Ordnance
  • Division III - Materials
  • Division IV - Special Projects
  • Division V - Tactical Services
    Militare Imperiale   
Key Officials

Supreme Military Commander: Antono Cholini


Field: Weaponry of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces
Vehicles: Vehicles of the Imperial Auresian Army
Ships: Ships of the Imperial Auresian Navy
Aircraft: Craft of the Imperial Auresian Air Force
Personnel: Uniforms & Insignia of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces

Specialised Units Chemical Warfare Service, Siege Engineering Service, Heliolux Fleet, Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Elite Units Military: Strategic Aeronautic Service, Senex Dragoons

Independent: Tentenal Guard, Ministry Police

Recognition Honours & Orders, Decorations & Commendations
VT • [E]
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