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Wensicia Maxima
Wensicia Maxima

Born 26 August 6837
Imperial Palace, Cedelphia, Auresian Empire
Died 5 November 6918
Epoxague Palace, Imperial Reserve, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Dynast Sovereign XLVIII
In office
17 May 6855 - 5 November 6918 - Present
Preceded by Manion I
Succeeded by Elrood III

Wensicia Orenna Regina Lady Comprassi was Forty-Eighth Dynast Sovereign of Auresia from 17 May 6855 until her death 63 years later on 5 November 6918. A member of the V Dynasty, she is considered one of the singularly most formidable Dynast Sovereigns in Auresian history. Similarly, she is remembered for her keen political and business acumen, and her efforts to maintain a strong Imperial economy and seek new resources and opportunities.

In formal address, or in formal print, her full style was Her Most Excellent and Discerning Sovereign Imperial Majesty, Wensicia of the House of Comprassi, by the Grace of Vind the Highest, Forty-Eighth Dynast Sovereign of Auresia and their Dominions, Wayfinder of the Great Plan, Custodian of the Nine Sacred Shrines, Principal of the Auresian Congregations, High Queen of Arginium, Mother of the Nation, Fount of Law and Justice, and Protector of the People.

Throughout her long and eventful reign, Wensicia was known for her dry wit and sharp mind. In non-critical situations, she was said to study a problem in depth, carefully plotting a solution and how to respond to it. Her willingness to personally tackle the most serious issues garnered her much respect, and she was renowned for the immortalised words, "Don't push me, my lords, lest you forget who you are...or I forget for you."

Three years before her death, she was commemorated as Wensicia Maxima - Wensicia the Great - and a magnificent monument was raised in Piazza dell'Epoca to her honor upon her passing.



During her nearly 64-year rule over Auresia, Empress Wensicia bore an air of traditional aristocratic grace and style, but similarly was perfectly able to play the hardball that politics demands at times. She said in 6889, "Politics are like chessmen. Someone has to be the agents, the pieces. Someone else has to be the player, the mover. I would prefer to be a mover, thank you very much."

Private Life

Empress Wensicia was married from 11 May 6855 to the Prince Consort Leander, until her death 5 November 6918. He survived her by four years, living out his remaining days at Epoxague Palace, and died on 30 December 6922 aged 87. Their 63-year marriage bore seven children. At his passing, his urn was placed in the sarcophagus with her in the Imperial Crypt.

Awards & Decorations


  • Dominus Lex - Master of Constitutional Law, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Salutatorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Hers was the second longest reign of any Dynast Sovereign in Auresian history thus far, beat out only by Cephorus Maximus.
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